So I had my first cave writing class this week and got to step into the cave. I know the idea of me heading off to make a poem in a digital cave confuses people so I here are some photos that will hopefully help paint a picture for you.

But make sure you all take your shoes off first!



So the cave is basically a box with two sides missing (i.e. the roof and the front) it is surrounded by projectors and speakers. You put some funky 3d glasses on and then you step inside the cave and whatever has been developed using the special cave writing software on the computer will be projected. As the professor who teaches the course (John Cayley) says, its basically a computer monitor that you can step into.

thecaveoffThe above image is the cave when it is off.

And below is what it looks like when it is in action!
I should clarify that the images below don’t do it justice as it is a 3D experience, so 2D images are just never going to cut it.




You can interact with the cave using a funky gesture remote control. Below is John at the control panel for the cave.cavecontrolThere is a new super duper even more futuristic cave being built in Brown in the Applied Maths department. I believe it will be unveiled this year and I doubt they’ll let me take pictures of it.