So the great thing about Brown’s cave is that anyone can download the cave writing software and produce content on their laptop for the cave. You can preview your work on your computer, granted its not going to be as awe inspiring as the real thing but it will certainly give you a sense of how the whole thing works.

Below is the link to Cave Writing Resources such as a link to download the software and a quick how to:

You will need to have JAVA installed on your computer but otherwise you should be good to go. There is a pc and mac link.

Once you have downloaded it all, you open the editor and from there you can open any of the sample files that will have downloaded in the same folder.


A word of warning however regarding the samples, if like me you start changing the settings in them, once you preview them in the CAVE simulator it saves the changes you made. So its always best to save a copy of the file before you start messing with it.

A screenshot of the editor workspace