NB Please note this event has been moved from March to October 2016

I am excited to be speaking at this year’s Digital Biscuit on “Understanding and Building Empathy with VR”. Digital Biscuit is a film and technology forum that has been running annually here in Dublin for a few years now, last year I attended and found it really interesting but I remember being disappointed at the gender balance of the event. So when their open call for speakers went around this year I thought I better do my bit to correct this and step up. I am also happy to see they are including a spotlight on women innovators in their line up so its good to see they clearly recognised the previous year’s imbalance also and are working on it.

In terms of my talk the introduction of the occulus rift has generated a lot of really interesting and creative virtual reality projects. I’ll be talking critically about these with regard the potentiality of virtual reality technologies to heighten the capacity for empathy and tell stories in a way we haven’t encountered before. To find out more I guess you will have to come to the talk! 🙂         http://www.digitalbiscuit.com/